52 Books in 2017

Like most people who I assume would read my blog, I buy way more books than I end up reading. Some I get a few chapters into and bail. Some are just interesting things I never get around to. Some I have no memory of buying and seem incredibly uninteresting in retrospect.

This year as part of an ongoing project to push myself to focus more on my writing life, I’m making an attempt to read a book every week, largely from these stacks piled up around my basement. Some of these are children’s novels, but many aren’t. I’ll be doing some classic novels, modern literary faire, pop culture non-fiction volumes and anything else that catches my interest. And since the best way to make sure I stick with something like this is the semi-public shame of watching another blog series die on the vine, I’ll be writing about things here on Sunday nights.

Above is a selection of what I’ll be tackling early on, though in order to cheat as much as possible my first entry is a book not pictured that I’m already about 30% through from the tail end of 2016. If you see this, feel free to make suggestions of things I should pick up as the year goes on. Please recommend short volumes. No self-help.