I’ve Mastered The Art of What They Call “Gumball Science”

So 2016 has been the kind of year that we as humanity will want to tell our kids didn’t exist like the 13th floor of a hotel. But I will always look back on the year fondly in one dimension: it saw the publication of my first kids book.The grand high month of October brought with it Gumball’s Guide To Science, a graphic novel/chapter book hybrid chock full of jokes and experiments based on Cartoon Network’s hit “The Amazing World of Gumball.” While things like “Adventure Time” and “Stephen Universe” are the fan favorite franchises from the network, “Gumball” won me over completely from the first episode I saw, and I can’t think of any show I’d rather begin my time doing licensed books with. I hope that my work on this little guy is one-tenth as funny as Ben Bocquelet and company’s show is, and I am eternally grateful to my editors Sarah Fabiny and Hannah Campbell at Penguin’s Price Stern Sloan! imprint for giving me the chance.

I’ll be beating the drum for the book more in 2017 both here (on a spiffy redesigned blog), elsewhere online and at schools, bookstores and comic conventions across the region. But for now, you can purchase the book on Amazon or find links to a billion other online retailers at Penguin’s official site. Oh, and here are some preview pages from inside to entice you!

Here’s looking up, 2017.

The Adventures of Kiel And Jami

So I got married on Saturday to my longtime lady love Jami. We said our vows at the Michigan State University Alumni Memorial Chapel, only blocks from where we met 14 years ago, and then proceeded to party down at the Student Union to the tune of 7,000 Michael Jackson deep cuts.

I wish all of you could have made it there, but since you couldn’t, I thought I’d share a short comic that Jami and I wrote and was drawn by the incredibly radical Joe Hunter and given to our guests. A billion thanks to Joe for doing an amazing job on this on something of a short deadline.