The Amazing World of Gumball: Gumball’s Guide to Science

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Discover the wonders of science with the kids at Elmore Junior High!

Class is in session with Professor Gumball in this one-of-a-kind guide to all things scientific. Join Gumball, Darwin, Anais, Miss Simian, and the rest of Elmore Junior High as they unlock the mysteries of the natural world: What is gravity? Why do earthquakes happen? And will becoming a scientist finally impress Penny? Test theories, plan experiments, and discover more about the Amazing World of Gumball!

Sonic The Hedgehog 2: The Official Pre-Quill

Catch up with Sonic and friends-if you can-in this exclusive prequel to 2022’s most anticipated family film! Life is good in Green Hills for Sonic the Hedgehog . . . maybe too good. He’s starting to get bored, and when Sonic gets bored, things become a lot less boring for everyone else-fast! Quicker than you can say “Chili Dog,” the Fastest Thing Alive is saving the day and causing all sorts of chaos along the way! Plus, new and returning characters starring in the Sonic the Hedgehog 2 film take the lead in stories of their own!

Monster Jam: The Official Guidebook

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Don’t miss this definitive guide to the biggest, baddest competition in the world! Take a look under the hood and learn what it takes to make these massive trucks go, get the inside scoop on the oldest rivalries among the teams, and take a crash course from Monster Jam University, where ordinary drivers become superstars. It’s all here in the Monster Jam Official Guidebook!

Sonic and the Tales of Terror

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Delight in terrifying new stories featuring that way past cool freedom fighter: Sonic the Hedgehog!

Sonic may be the fastest hero in the world, but he must rely on his friends to stay ahead of Dr. Eggman’s creepy plots! In Sonic and the Tales of Terror, Dr. Eggman and his cronies concoct mysterious and spine-tingling schemes to trap Sonic in three stories with original illustrations by legendary artist Patrick Spaziante.

Sonic The Hedgehog: Race Against Chaos!

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An action-packed book full of games, stickers, and activities starring SEGA’s classic video game hero Sonic the Hedgehog!

Dr. Eggman is at it again with one of his schemes to take over the planet. But never fear, Sonic the Hedgehog and his friends are here to stop him in his tracks! Help Sonic recapture the Chaos Emeralds by completing the puzzles and games in this fun sticker activity book.

Halo: Official Spartan Field Manual

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An expansive, in-universe guidebook to Microsoft’s legendary HALO video game saga!

The Official Spartan Field Manual is a guide to every element of the United Nations Space Command (UNSC) SPARTAN-IV program, disseminated to all newly augmented Spartans. Inside these pages is the guidance you’ll need to put your enhanced strength, speed, and skills to use in both War Games training simulations and, ultimately, joint combat operations.

Hello Neighbor: The Neighbor’s Notebook

(just released from Scholastic!)

The official in-world gaming and lore guide to the hit survival horror video game Hello Neighbor, complete with artifacts from the games, novels, and more.

Peek into the twisted world of Hello Neighbor with this one-of-a-kind guidebook Unpack the game step-by-step with in-world blueprints, notes from the neighbor, and tips to survive his terrifying house. Wind your way through the many lore reveals of the novels, and piece it all together with theory pages that unpack the evidence you’ve been puzzling over. Plus you won’t want to miss this exclusive sneak peek at what’s coming next for the game series. It’s all here in this guidebook. Just be sure to lock your doors first!

Sonic the Hedgehog: The Official Movie Novelizations

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The world’s fastest hedgehog is now on the big screen. Sonic the Hedgehog: The Official Movie Novelization captures all the action of the movie in a book small enough to fit into your back pocket.

Sonic the Hedgehog: The Official Movie Novelization is a book version of the movie containing all the speedy adventure of the live-action Sonic the Hedgehog film in an action-packed chapter book for fans young and old.

Ron’s Gone Wrong: The Official Movie Novelizations

Based on the upcoming animated film, Ron’s Gone Wrong: The Official Movie Novelizatio captures all the action, adventure, and humor of the original movie.